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The return of vitamin C in anti-aging formulas

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By Sandra Martins-Reis, Global Strategic Marketing Director for Beauty

Vitamin C, already well known for its energizing and anti-oxidant virtues, is back front and center in the cosmetic world in ultra-concentrated formulas.

An anti-aging ally

Vitamin C is a very powerful active ingredient in preventing wrinkles, working at the dermis level to stimulate collagen and fibroblast production. It also helps fight age spots and neutralizes free radicals caused by excessive sun exposure by reducing the oxidation of melanin. Finally, its action on the epidermis stimulates the production of keratinocytes, which naturally protect the skin from outside aggression. While these benefits have all been long proven, it has been challenging to develop effective applications for vitamin C, because while powerful, it is also fragile. 

All about the packaging

Oxidation is vitamin C’s biggest enemy. This means that contact with air destroys its properties. As a result, products in pots or traditional pump bottles quickly lose their effectiveness. Preserving the integrity of the active ingredient requires a new generation container that is able to protect the formula from oxidation. Vitamin C has been able to make a comeback thanks to new innovations in packaging that help stabilize this fragile active ingredient.


Clinique’s Fresh Pressed line, launched in 2017, combines a higher concentration than ever with bold packaging. The active ingredient is activated upon use through a special system that mixes the formula with pure vitamin C in powder form. The container protects the vitamin C from air – and therefore oxidation. Novexpert has also developed a similar solution with its BOOSTER Vitamin C serum, which comes in a special pump bottle.

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