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Testing to ensure airtightness

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By Frédéric Duquet, Innovation Director GMD Beauty at Aptar.

Skin Protect has undergone microbiological lab testing to ensure its container remains airtight to prevent microbial contamination through contact with air or skin.

A container is usually subjected to a battery of tests to ensure airtightness, pressure resistance, component integrity, etc. But since the development of Irresistible, we have taken our testing to the next level to ensure our high-protection solutions deliver maximum performance. Following the example set by our pharmaceutical division for an ophthalmological solution it developed, we created a protocol of microbiological tests carried out by the Zwisler Laboratorium GmbH to test Skin Protect.

No environmental contamination

The Container Ventilation Integrity Test (CVIT) involves making sure that no contamination occurs via air contact. The container being tested is filled with a sterilized, preservative-free formula that is highly fertile. The head of the pump system is then placed in a balloon filled with contaminated powder. The system is then pumped until about half of the content has been removed from the container. The formula is then regularly analyzed over several weeks to replicate the real-world use of a tube in a bathroom.

No contamination by skin contact

Similarly, Skin Protect was tested to ensure that no microbial contamination occurred during use through skin contact. Zwisler Laboratorium designed the Tip Seal Integrity Test (TSIT), creating conditions that are much more aggressive than typical daily use would be. The formula in the container is exposed to a highly-concentrated bacterial suspension applied on wipes that are then put in contact with the head of the tube. The process is repeated over several weeks to replicate real-world use and to verify that the product does not become contaminated over time.

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