Skin Protect: A cutting-edge mechanical system for unrivalled protection

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By Frédéric Duquet, Innovation Director GMD Beauty at Aptar.

To meet the needs of a market using fewer and fewer preservatives, Aptar’s Skin Protect is an innovative and ultra-protective tube solution.

The aim: To go preservative free

Until recently, only a few industry pioneers had dared to take on the “preservative-free” challenge. Those who did were in a position to absorb the research and development costs, update their industrial processes and acquire the necessary talent, not to mention having to upgrade container quality. 

Currently, more and more players are moving towards formulas with fewer (although not totally free of) preservatives by using new generation packaging that can offer synergistic protection. 

Protecting fragile formulas

It is important to remember that a formula with fewer or no preservatives is more vulnerable to oxidation and microbial contamination. These phenomena quickly alter a formula’s organoleptic properties – color, fragrance, texture – and can cancel out the benefits of certain active ingredients (vitamins, probiotics, etc.). They may even cause skin discomfort and allergies. These fragile formulas need to be protected by the right type of container.

Skin Protect: A solution with airtight protection

Systems like Skin Protect finally offer consumers with sensitive skin a way to keep their product free of contamination over time using a practical, easy-to-use packaging solution. This airless multi-layer tube, available in 50, 75 and 100 ml sizes, has a Tip-Seal airtight dual-injection pump system. The pump works with a metal spring – which has never been used before in a tube – that keeps the system closed over time and requires little pressure to activate. The tip of the tube has an on/off system and is guaranteed to be 100% airtight, even on the go in a bag or suitcase. The tip does not suck product back in, which prevents contamination, and it is protected by a cap with three vents to prevent stale air or “fogging”. Skin Protect remains reliable over time and ensures the integrity of the active ingredients, even the most fragile, without any risk of oxidation, contamination or chemical exchange from absorption between the tube and the formula. 

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