Aptar Beauty + Home launches Disc Top GO

With Disc Top GO, Aptar leads the industry with the first disc top specifically designed to withstand the challenges of e-commerce.

E-commerce sales are projected to exceed $905 billion in the US and $5.8 trillion globally by 2022*. What’s more, data suggest that globally, non-store retail is expanding at a faster pace, with an 8% CAGR compared to store based retailing CAGR of 4% 2012-2017**.

The growth in e-commerce sales presents an opportunity for new innovations in dispensing solutions that not only overcome the unique challenges of e-commerce but also deliver an experience that is consistent with the brand’s image. Disc Top GO is an omni-channel solution that withstands the rigors of e-commerce delivery while ensuring brands are creating a consistent consumer experience whether taking delivery in store or through e-commerce.

“E-commerce places unique demands on packaging including leakage and breakage that can lead to a poor consumer experience. Brands must consider that consumers will relate a poor delivery or opening experience of a product back to the brand” comments Lisa Petersmark, Vice President Regional Market Development, Personal Care Aptar Beauty + Home.

Disc Top GO features proprietary Aptar technology integrated into the component which eliminates the need for shrink wrap, tear bands, or additional costs to bag or protect the product in transit” Petersmark explains. “No more accidental unlocking as our integrated technologies prevent leaking whether you’re throwing the product in your gym bag or packing for your next trip.”
Disc Top GO is a three-piece design offering multiple color schemes for maximum on-shelf differentiation. It is launching with a 24-410 neck finish.

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* “Global Packaging Trends 2019”, Mintel
** “Where consumers shop for beauty and personal care”; Jan.2019, Euromonitor.

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