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Revolutionary new 2-IN-1 dual spray actuator providing consumer choice in delivery!

Apollo offers brands a unique point of differentiation by providing consumers two spray options in one product. Consumers have the freedom of choice in an intuitive and easy to use actuator. With a simple twist left or twist right, consumers control their preferred application, creating a personalized product experience.

Brands can select between multiple spray insert combinations for endless possibilities across multiple applications. “Apollo meets consumer demands for customization and convenience in one package. Choose a wide spray for full coverage or a narrow spray for precise application”, comments Lisa Petersmark,Vice President Regional Market Development, Personal Care Aptar Beauty + Home.

Apollo’s patented design includes Aptar’s twist-to-lock technology, which provides peace of mind for secure transportation on-the-go and will withstand the rigors of ecommerce shipping.

Technical Details: Twist to lock actuator, multiple spray insert combinations, fits 1” mounting cup & designed for BOV or VX Valves.

For more information, please send an email to newsroom@aptar.com or contact us.

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