Aptar Beauty + Home launches Luminous

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Iconic dispensing in a new beautiful, illuminating metallized finish.

Luminous is a premium and radiant metallized finished specifically designed with high flexibility that is ideal for hinged closures. Luminous delivers mirror-like, brilliant colors while maintaining the high product performance expectations found in Aptar dispensing solutions.

Today more than ever, brilliant and standout colors are an excellent way of creating eye-catching social media posts, which enhance engagement with consumers and influencers alike. This visually stimulating interaction with the consumer presents a great opportunity to create a memorable experience that can lead to instant brand identification and loyalty.

Aptar collaborated with Anomatic to develop an innovative technology with superior adhesion and flexibility on hinged closures. The combination of Aptar’s dispensing expertise and Anomatic’s mastery of metallization resulted in the ideal blend of functionality and beauty.

“Luminous provides our customers a new innovation at time when consumer engagement and shelf differentiation is very important. Luminous is an eye-catching, insta-worthy product that stands out and delivers the high quality dispensing Aptar is known for in the market,” said Lisa Petersmark

Luminous is available on 2” Purity R and Ultra Tube Top in Snap-on and Threaded neck finishes

For more information, please send an email to newsroom@aptar.com or contact us.

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