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Aptar x Clarins – Neomix for Boosted Facial Skincare

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Aptar Beauty + Home is putting its knowledge of custom cosmetics packaging solutions to work for the disruptive new product from Clarins, the nutrirevitalizing oil emulsion Plant Gold – L’Or des Plantes.


The brand challenged Aptar to reproduce the application techniques used by Clarins spa aestheticians, experts in sensory blends of Clarins oils and creams, in a face care product that could be easily used at home.

“Since our House was founded in 1954, our spa aestheticians have been combining our 100%-plant extract face and body oils with our other Clarins skincare products to create custom formulas and enhance their effectiveness”, explains Suzy Lebert, Clarins Marketing Director. “We wanted to develop packaging that would help reproduce this approach from our spa at home. Through our collaboration with Aptar, we combined our iconic Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil with a 100%-natural, melt-in nutritive emulsion in a dual-chamber bottle. The guarantee of maximum effectiveness and sensory appeal.”

To house this exceptional two-in-one skincare product, Clarins chose the Neomix packaging designed by Aptar which combines functionality and glamour.


Neomix has two compartments and a dual delivery system, allowing the user to create an instant, perfectly dosed mixture with a single click.
The bottle holds both, a light and nongreasy emulsion in its main container and the Blue Orchid Oil in a second and smaller cartridge that clips onto the bottle.

Thanks to an innovative nozzle, protected by several patents, with a single press the two formulas meet only as they leave the pump bottle.
The emulsion literally coats the oil, then in the palm of the hand, just before application, the two actively fuse together, for maximum effectiveness and an optimal sensory experience.


With an ergonomic, practical design, Neomix is infinitely customizable and suitable for both skincare and make-up. In one click, its smart push button delivers an ultra-precise dose of made-to-measure mixture, with absolute freshness.

For more information, please send an email to newsroom@aptar.com

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