Beauty + Home insights: Scalp care dispensing trends

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As travel restrictions & social-distancing guidelines remain in place, many consumers are beginning to take beauty & hair care treatments into their own hands at home, in true DIY fashion. This currently ongoing shift occurring within hair & scalp care products is demonstrated by solutions that provide deep cleansing, protection, and overall re-invigoration of “quarantine hair”.

In a recent report, consumer trend analysts at Spate noted that US search volume for scalp scrubs grew +40.1% since last year. This uptick is a result of a newfound consumer interest in benefits like cleansing and moisturizing in hopes of addressing thinning, dandruff, or oily hair. However, this interest does not stop at scalp scrubs. New product launches like probiotic shampoos aimed at balancing the scalp’s microbiome to promote restoration, and detox pre-wash conditioners designed for removal of product buildup and scalp fortification have increased in search this year, as well. Mintel’s 2020 Year of Innovation in Haircare report states that 34% of US haircare product users have tried or are interested in scalp care products.

Consumers are also adding an extra step to their pre-shower routine in the name of hair health, allowing brands to introduce a new sense of fun to an otherwise daily norm. Multi-step routines that promote hair health are more appealing to consumers given an increased amount of time at home, states Mintel.

Aptar Beauty + Home's hair care dispensing products

Aptar Beauty + Home offers an extensive portfolio of hair care dispensing products that are prepared to help brands provide easy application and deliver a fun and sensory-engaging experience. In a recent online consumer study conducted by Beauty + Home North America, 80% of participants stated they are interested in scalp care products*.

Brands seeking to provide their customers with a sensorial foam experience can look towards Aptar’s S18 accessory, which is capable of continuous and comfortable dispensing of foams or gels.

For brands that want to offer a convenient, one-handed dispensing experience, Athena & Aspire provide light-touch comfort and shelf differentiation through their ergonomic designs, with on-the-go capability thanks to their locking hoods.

When compared against other scalp care dispensing solutions, Aspire was the preferred accessory for 42% of respondents**.

For sustainability-driven brands, our stock range of post-consumer recycled resin disc tops and snap tops are great options for products that take a more traditional approach outside of aerosols.


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**Source: Survey Monkey n=158

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