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    Aptar Food + Beverage

    Aptar Food + Beverage

    We believe packaging should not only deliver functionality and safety, but also improve daily life; anticipating needs and creating pleasure to forge new consumer habits.

    Aptar Food + Beverage is committed to developing innovative packaging solutions for the food and beverage market.

    Our new, focused Food + Beverage business organization enables us to anticipate customer and consumer needs and expectations, and then turn them rapidly into tailored, innovative delivery systems. Within Aptar Food + Beverage, production and sales are organized on a regional basis covering North America, Asia, Europe and Latin America, with the support of dedicated global and local development teams.


    A new organization designed to boost innovation.

    The Aptargroup companies have consistently placed innovation at the core of their strategy by continuously strengthening their internal R&D effort.  This is backed up by solid, long-lasting links with a network of partners.  Our new business organization will further focus on developing innovative delivery systems, designed specifically for the Food + Beverage industry.   

    Moreover, benefiting from expertise acquired in other market fields, Aptar Food + Beverage will provide customers with an extended, creative range of products and services.