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Time-saving products are in demand. The combination of fast-paced urban lifestyles and an increasing awareness of the impact of diet and activity on health is driving many non-athletes to use nutritional powders to get healthier. These products attract diverse groups of consumers, including body builders, casual fitness enthusiasts, middle-age men and women aspiring to lose weight, and even baby boomers who want to live a healthier lifestyle.

Aptar's Olympian wide-mouth closure is perfect for topping large protein powder containers, making the experience quicker and easier for consumers.

Health enthusiasts love the closure because it’s designed for easy product access with a simple push/pop latch mechanism, offering maximum ease of use. The non-protruding butterfly hinge is durable and built to resist breakage, and the retention clip found under the lid means consumers don't have to dig around for the scoop. The combination of ease of use and cleanliness makes day to day product usage more pleasant, resulting in increased customer loyalty.

Further, the Olympian features a BAP pull-ring liner for increased product freshness, hygiene, and security. Unlike many other large closures, the Olympian allows consumers to pull the liner off the top without taking the closure off first, making the product even easier to access the first time. A cleanly peeled liner leaves no debris, and the pull-ring that can be levered when removing the liner provides a simple, interactive way to experience the product.

Nutritional powder brands also appreciate the Olympian because of the benefits it offers in terms of line integration, branding opportunities, and more. The closure was specifically designed to accommodate logo inserts, providing clear brand differentiation. The cost of switching to the Olympian is minimal, as it offers an industry standard neck finish and can be dropped into induction seal processes with minimal recalibration.

Whether consumers want to avoid the frustration of removing liners in multiple pieces; or prefer to keep the scoop out of the product for hygiene and cleanliness; or because they want quick product access through a flip top closure, the Olympian is destined to become the new standard for nutritional powders!

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