PolkaLite – A Lighter and More Efficient Closure for the Sauces and Condiments Market

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PolkaLite- A new recyclable closure that brings convenience, a superior performance, and manufacturing efficiencies.

PolkaLite is a recyclable* snap top closure that weighs 8.4g and utilizes 1.3g less plastic than the original Polka solution.

This new closure, made of polypropylene, fits bottles with a 38-400 neck finish and a 55mm outer diameter, one of the most common neck finishes for sauces and condiments. And thanks to its large 9.7mm orifice and valve, PolkaLite can be utilized in a wide range of food products, even those with chunks or a high viscosity level such as honey, salad dressing, and more.

This ready-to-use solution is also easy to deploy for manufacturers as PolkaLite aims to enhance capping performance with its optimum thread profile and the durable outer shape with minimum conicity. The PolkaLite closure is easy to scale and can readily support manufacturer expansion in an e-commerce environment.**

End-consumers benefit from a strong hinge and enhanced finger recess that allows for a smoother grip that is both easy to open and close. The domed body deck and lower spout also help to avoid self-opening, reducing the risk of leakage. Overall, PolkaLite aims to provide consumers with a pleasant and hygienic dispensing experience.

* Liner is not recyclable.

**Final package needs to pass ISTA-6 protocol to comply.

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