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    Utilizing its international experience, Awantys realizes your packaging ideas. We draw on our many years of expertise in both materials and design. We offer the latest technologies and specially developed materials to implement the right packaging for your product.

    Manufacturer of packaging components

    We produce packaging components at the highest technical level in Germany and the EU.

    As your partner, we offer you the development and manufacture of both completed packaging components with simplified production needs, as well as projects which require our complete service from development all the way to the delivery of a finished product to your end users.


    Our goal is to achieve the very best for our customers. To reach this high level of quality, we always offer our customers alternative solutions that are not tied to specific technologies or materials.

    This flexibility allows us to break new ground. For example, we were the first company which began to develop production-ready standardized packaging made ​​from porcelain and also packaging implementing customer-specific designs.


    Cross-industry service

    Our cross-industry experience means we offer valuable synergies in the implementation of your packaging ideas.

    Partner with international brands

    We are trusted by international brands due to our many years of developmental know-how and our exceptional innovation.

    Comprehensive technological pool

    No matter the complexity or uniqueness of your packaging idea, we will develop YOUR solution together with our partners.

    Minimum order quantity: 5000