Axium Capabilities & Technologies

Axium packaging provides manufacturing solutions for all of your plastic containers, caps, and closures needs. Each site operates under a “common platform” giving us the ability and flexibility to quickly react to our customer's changes in demands

Extrusion Blow Molding


Axium produces bottles ranging in size from ½ oz. up to 240 oz. Our chosen technology offers 100 point parison programming giving the flexibility to consistently meet and hold tight tolerances shifting material distribution as needed.

From mono-layer to tri-layer, bi-layer to 6 layer, Axium’s multi-layer capabilities allow our customers the ability to use high end color pigments while reducing the overall cost by only skimming the outer layer of the bottle with the high cost pigment. PCR can be used throughout the bottle leaving the inner layer virgin in order to eliminate the need for additional product stability tests.

- Soft touch and various filler materials
- PCR can also be used up to 100% of a bottle

Technologies Include
- Mono-Layer
- Bi-Layer
- Tri-Layer
- Six layer with Barrier capabilities

Markets Served
- Personal Care
- Pharmaceutical / Neutraceuticals
- Household Chemical
- Food & Beverage
- Automotive Markets

EBM Advantages
- Quick Tools cost Effective Tools (unit and production tools)
- Flexible Platform
- Lightweighting Development using FEA Software

Axium’s IBM machines produce tight neck tolerances with consistent material distribution throughout the container. From small vials to heavy wall jars, we produce superb quality consistently throughout each production run.

IBM or Injection Blow Molding is a three-stage process used to produce containers with injected, close tolerance necks. Parts are finished when ejected from the machine with no trimming, reaming, or other ancillary processes. Capabilities range from 2ml to 2 liters.

Typical Resins
- Polyethylene (Low Density) – LDPE, LLDPE
- Polyethylene (High Density) – HDPE
- Polypropylene – PP
- Polystyrene – PS

Markets Served
- Personal Care
- Pharmaceutical / Neutraceuticals
- Food & Beverage

IBM Advantages
- No scrap
- Heavy, uniform wall thickness
- Injection molded neck tolerances
- Child-resistant and plug-seal neck finish designs
- High cavitation up to 36 cavities

Established in 2011, Axium Packaging is one of the top producers of high-quality plastic packaging for personal care, food, home, hygiene, and other products.

Injection Molding & Assembly


Axium offers one of the most efficient, technologically advanced all electric Injection Molding platforms available in the industry. They have a robust platform to support smaller more specialized injection parts all the way to mass market high cavitation/high volume closures. Their machines are robotic and fully automated to efficiently manufacture and assemble all of your component needs.

Core Competencies
- Flip top caps
- Screw Top Closures
- Multi-Piece Assembled Closures
- Inection Molded Tubes

Typical Resins
- Polypropylene – PP
- Polystyrene – PS

Markets Served
- Personal Care
- Pharmaceutical / Neutraceuticals
- Household Chemical

IM Advantages
- Injection molding allows for high production output rates
- Inserts can be used in the mold. Filler materials can be added for strength
- Tight tolerances on small intricate parts
- More than one material may be used at the same time when utilizing co-injection molding
- Minimal scrap/waste
- Full automation

Injection Stretch Blow Molding

Our manufacturing sites use the latest single-stage machine platform producing containers ranging in size from 5ml up to 2 liters.

Each facility has a common machine platform with various sizes of machines able to support beta testing tools, smaller cavitation production tools, all the way up to 40 cavities for your larger volume projects.

From a custom design preform specific to your bottle shape to designing only blow cavities utilizing one of our many stock preforms, Axium has the flexibility and is ready to support all of your packaging projects.

- Co-Polyester
- PP

Markets Served
- Personal Care
- Pharmaceutical / Neutraceuticals
- Household Chemical
- Automotive Markets
- Food & Beverage

ISBM Advantages
- High clarity containers
- Ultra thin to heavy containers depending on resin selection
- Injection molded neck tolerances
- Child-resistant and plug seal neck finish designs
- Low or high cavitation up to 40 cavities

Silk Screening
- 6 pass linear silk screening machine
- Servo (3D CAD) driven rotary silk screening
- 360 degree print technology
- Expansion and review of digital printing heads

Pressure Sensitive Labeling
- Front/Back standard labeling
- 370 wrap labeling (round & oval packaging 3D cad driven)

Shrink Sleeve Labeling
- Fexible machine for lower MOQ’s
- Large scale machine to allow continuous large runs

Spray Coating
- High end prestige coating of plastic and bottles and jars

Hot Stamping
- Glass and Plastic options

High End Mold Embossing/Debossing
- High precision CNC mchines on site
- Electric discharge machining capabilities

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