Axium Plastics Catalog

Established in 2011, Axium Packaging is one of the leading producers of high-quality plastic packaging for personal care, food, home, hygiene, and other products. Axium manufactures injection molded plastics and specializes in decorating technologies. Headquartered in New Albany, Ohio, and spread throughout the United States and Canada, Axium is now expanding its reach to various countries and markets.

From mono-layer to tri-layer, bi-layer to 6 layer, Axium’s multi-layer capabilities allows our customers the ability to use high end color pigments while reducing the overall cost by only skimming the outer layer of the bottle with the high cost pigment. PCR can be used throughout the bottle leaving the inner layer virgin in order to eliminate the need for additional product stability tests.


From a custom design preform specific to your bottle shape to designing only blow cavities utilizing one of our many stock preforms, Axium has the flexibility and is ready to support all of your packaging projects.

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