Extrusion Blow Molding (EBM)

Axium produces bottles ranging in size from ½ oz. up to 240 oz. Our chosen technology offers 100 point parison programming giving the flexibility to consistently meet and hold tight tolerances shifting material distribution as needed.

From mono-layer to tri-layer, bi-layer to 6 layer, Axium’s multi-layer capabilities allow our customers the ability to use high end color pigments while reducing the overall cost by only skimming the outer layer of the bottle with the high cost pigment. PCR can be used throughout the bottle leaving the inner layer virgin in order to eliminate the need for additional product stability tests.

- Soft touch and various filler materials
- PCR can also be used up to 100% of a bottle

Technologies Include
- Mono-Layer
- Bi-Layer
- Tri-Layer
- Six layer with Barrier capabilities

Markets Served
- Personal Care
- Pharmaceutical / Neutraceuticals
- Household Chemical
- Food & Beverage
- Automotive Markets

EBM Advantages
- Quick Tools cost Effective Tools (unit and production tools)
- Flexible Platform
- Lightweighting Development using FEA Software

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