Injection Blow Molding

Axium’s IBM machines produce tight neck tolerances with consistent material distribution throughout the container. From small vials to heavy wall jars we produce superb quality consistently throughout each production run.

IBM or Injection Blow Molding is a three stage process used to produce containers with injected, close tolerance necks. Parts are finished when ejected from the machine with no trimming, reaming or other ancillary processes. Capabilities range from 2ml to 2 liters.

Typical Resins
- Polyethylene (Low Density) – LDPE, LLDPE
- Polyethylene (High Density) – HDPE
- Polypropylene – PP
- Polystyrene – PS

Markets Served
- Personal Care
- Pharmaceutical / Neutraceuticals
- Food & Beverage

IBM Advantages
- No scrap
- Heavy, uniform wall thickness
- Injection molded neck tolerances
- Child resistant and plug seal neck finish designs
- High cavitation up to 36 cavities

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