The market leading RS01™, single-dose Dry Powder Inhaler (DPI) is now available with built-in sensors and digital services. The new RS01X™ tracks inhaler use and connects to the Respiro® app using Bluetooth® wireless technology to provide personalized guidance to improve adherence and inhaler technique. RS01X is made smart with Respiro, a digital medicine platform for use with connected inhalers that combines data, artificial intelligence, and elegant digital experiences to upgrade respiratory care. RS01X automatically captures, stores and encrypts objective inhaler data, including user generated inhalations through the inhaler, and connects wirelessly to the Respiro app. The Respiro app serves as a companion to the inhaler, reminding patients when it’s time to inhale a dose and providing personalized insights and tips powered by data and artificial intelligence to help patients self-manage more effectively.

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Manufacturing TechnologyIM - Injection Moulding

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Major MaterialPlastic

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Pack TypePrimary Packaging. Pharmaceutical Components
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  • Healthcare
MarketHealth. Pharmaceuticals
Market - SegmentPharmaceuticals
Market - End UseOTC (Over the Counter) Drugs. Prescription Drugs
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  • Bramlage Italy (Osnago)

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The RS01 is a patented capsule based refillable single-dose Dry Powder Inhaler which is the worldwide reference for this category of devices. The configuration of its internal flow geometries combined with its refined piercing unit are resulting into particularly good and consistent performance with the widest range of powder formulations and capsules materials. In order to further extend its scope of application, the RS01 is available in different airflow resistance variants. It is assembled in ISO 7 clean rooms by high capacity assembly lines including also 100% automated inspection of each critical function. In addition to Performance, Safety and Compliance, the RS01 design was taking also Sustainability issues into careful consideration and this resulted into a significant lightweighting and reduction of number of components compared to previous generation devices. A Type III Drug Master File is foiled at the US FDA and regularly updated.

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