Lighter Berry Dispenser is Strong on Performance and Value

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A new version of Berry Bramlage’s popular Magic Star airless dispenser is being manufactured 100% in plastic and has achieved an important weight saving, two enhancements that improve the overall sustainability profile of the pack while maintaining its high performance in terms of product protection, consumer convenience and value.

Equally important, the removal of the metal spring means Berry Bramlage is now able to offer a mono-material dispensing solution.

At the same time, the Magic Star Light retains the advanced airless technology that protects products from oxygen ingress. This gives them a longer shelf life while maintaining their efficacy and enables products to be made from only natural ingredients with no need for additives or preservatives.

Another design benefit of the pack is its evacuation level of around 95%, which maximises value for the end consumer while at the same time helping to minimise product waste.

The Magic Star Light also maintains the many user-friendly features of the original design, including consistent controlled dosing and hygienic application of lotions, creams and gels. It can handle products of many different viscosities, with a precise and accurate dose each time, making it ideal for a wide range of personal care products including men’s grooming, baby care, hair care, body care and sunscreen.

“In line with our Impact 2025 sustainability strategy, we are committed to developing products that help our customers meet and exceed their sustainability goals without compromising on their many practical and consumer-friendly benefits,” comments Alfons Schmunkamp, General Manager, Berry Bramlage. “Our new Magic Star Light offers both improved recyclability and lighter weight over the previous version, which help to reduce its environmental impact.”

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