Berry Shortens Lead Times for Complete Pack E-Cig Bottle

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To meet the growing demand for e-cigarettes which provide an alternative to smoking, Berry M&H has shortened the lead times for its popular complete pack E-Cigarette (e-cig) bottle.

The 10ml bottle with 12mm plug and closure provides the ideal refill solution for all types of e-cigarettes and vaping devices. The tamper evident closure gives users confidence in the integrity of the product prior to opening, while the plug incorporates a dropper feature to provide ease of use when refilling the e-cig device.

The bottle provides ample room for labelling and can be colour matched to individual brand requirements to ensure product stand-out on shelf. It is manufactured in PET and can incorporate post-consumer recycled (PCR) in quantities from 35 percent. The bottle is also fully recyclable.

For more information on our circular packaging solutions, contact Berry Global.

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How Berry Global is Advancing the Circular Economy

Consumers are rightfully demanding change and looking to brands they trust to help eliminate plastic waste. And those brands look to us to help them keep resources in use and out of our environment. To help customers meet the growing sustainability demands of today and tomorrow, we design and develop new products and materials that advance our pathway to circularity by increasing the use of recycled content, minimizing waste, and improving recyclability.

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