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Berry’s and La Rosée’s Innovative Refill Solution Helps Build a Better Future

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La Rosée, a leading French natural cosmetics company, has selected Berry Global to co-develop an exclusive and innovative refillable stick for its popular best-selling déodorant.

After two years of research and development through a close partnership between La Rosée and Berry Global development teams, the La Rosée déodorant is now available in pharmacies across France.

Kinder to the environment

In keeping with La Rosée’s commitment to offer natural but effective products, the deodorant’s formula contains 99% natural ingredients and complies with a strict formulation specification that includes no aluminium salts or alcohol. La Rosée therefore wanted to match these natural credentials with a packaging solution that was also kinder to the environment. Key criteria were to have a reusable pack with no over-wrapping or secondary packaging that could contain recycled material.

At the same time the pack needed to be watertight, offer convenience and ease of use for the consumer, and be aesthetically pleasing to maintain brand image.

“We wanted a pack that reflects all of the strong values of La Rosée in terms of our commitments to the environment and also maximises the consumer experience,” explained Mahault De Guibert co-founder of La Rosée.

Berry’s Exclusive Refill enables consumers to continuously use the same deodorant stick, with a specially designed refill that also cannot be used on its own. The mono-material polypropylene (PP) construction of the refill solution also offers a weight reduction of 62% compared to a full stick.

The 50ml size provides convenient, accurate, and hygienic application of the deodorant, where there is no need to touch the formula. Similarly, the simple refill process also reduces contact with the product and enables the consumer to refill the deodorant in five simple steps within less than a minute.

The cylindrical design of the Exclusive Refill with a square edge and pure straight lines also enhances on-shelf presence, with eye-catching bespoke La Rosée branding for full personalisation.

While initial production of the new stick was in virgin PP, Berry and La Rosée are working to switch the Exclusive Refill to include Berry’s proprietary CleanStream® recycled PP for contact-sensitive applications.

The Exclusive Refill is being produced at Berry’s factory in Marolles, France, enabling local sourcing for La Rosée to help minimise their carbon footprint during deliveries.

“We are delighted to have collaborated with La Rosée in the success of this project,” said Antoine Rousset, Sales Market Manager – Personal Care at Berry Global. “Reuse is a key element of our ongoing sustainability strategy, and we are now working with La Rosée in the development of further refill solutions. The lightweight 200ml Prima refillable jar has also just been launched and there will be more to come!”

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