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    Award underlines plastics' benefits

    • Berry M&H

    The unique slimline wine bottle in 100% recycled PET for the mail-order market, made by RPC M&H Plastics, has been named Best Recycled Plastic Product of the Year at the recent Plastic Industry Awards.

    Created by Garçon Wines, the bottle design conforms to the traditional Bordeaux wine bottle shape, but its flat profile means it is able to fit securely and conveniently through a standard sized letterbox. The bottle is 87% lighter and 40% spatially smaller than a normal wine bottle which, together with the fact that its letterbox size ensures no missed deliveries, hugely reduces carbon emissions from the wine supply chain.

    The bottle is also fully recyclable, enabling further bottles to be produced and providing a closed loop solution in line with circular economy principles. Equally important, while being significantly lighter than glass alternatives, the bottle is strong and robust enough to withstand the rigours of the postal system.

    “We are delighted to receive this award which underlines the significant contribution that plastics can make to creating a more sustainable world,” comments Simon Chidgey, RPC M&H Division’s Sales and Marketing Director.

    “The success of this bottle ideally encapsulates plastics’ many benefits, including its low carbon during manufacture and use, its recyclability and the valuable role it can play in the circular economy.”

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