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    Berry PET Power

    Berry PET Power

    PET Power supplies bottles and jars and also provides appropriate lids and decorations.

    Taking the customer’s perspective

    PET Power supplies bottles and jars and also provides appropriate lids and decorations. The customer has to be able to present his brand as well as possible. The product must draw attention on the shelf and appeal to the consumer. Functionality and quality must be optimal, at acceptable costs for transport and storage. PET Power takes the customer’s perspective and gets involved.


    The company specialises in packaging for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and foodstuffs industries. Experts in these areas – category managers and representatives in the various countries – are there to assist the customer. At the same time, more and more sectors are discovering the possibilities. PET Power has provided solutions for toys, chemicals and household articles and is open to new developments and applications.

    Large and small production runs

    PET Power works constantly at ways of being able to meet the customer’s needs as flexibly as possible. The customer after all needs a small production run one day and a large one the next. Unannounced demand for a new supply run can arise from one day to the next. PET Power understands this and is ready to adapt within reasonable limits. The machine platform facilitates variation in production runs. Moreover, sufficient storage space is available. In addition, good contacts with the transport industry are maintained, which facilitates the provision of special services, such as urgent despatches.

    A flexible set-up is needed, because the market is at times fickle and unpredictable. Customer demand can depend on the weather, trends, fads, outbreaks of disease and the course of large sporting events. The customer aims to anticipate these. PET Power is the right place for smaller production runs and special colours, for example for a marketing campaign, at a price that is in line with the market. For larger productions runs, PET Power manufactures standard products that are directly available for sale.

    Stock control

    PET Power does everything in its power, in consultation with the customer, to achieve the highest efficiency here. For example, determining and maintaining the correct level of stocks is important. Production continues ‘24/7’ to ensure availability in good time. This takes place in intensive cooperation with associate companies at home and abroad.


    Since its launch in 1995, PET Power has built up an extremely large range of bottles and jars. The range is unique in Europe. The customer can rely on quality, stability in the materials used and flexible processing and delivery - and all of this over a huge range of shapes. There are more than 1,200 types, and every month new ones are added. After all, shapes can be manufactured quickly and with limited investment: PET Power constantly combines the available preforms, where neck dimensions and weight are predetermined, with new blow moulds.