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    Ice cream packs have a longer life

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    The demand for sustainable packaging solutions continues to increase across many markets. However, consumers still expect the same levels of functionality and user-friendliness.

    Leading Polish ice cream producer, Bracia Koral, is now taking the initiative in its sector with the introduction of packs that can be reused once the product is consumed.

    The PET jars from RPC PET Power ideally demonstrate the appropriateness of plastic for ice cream packaging. Their light weight and unbreakability ensure safe and easy handling while their excellent clarity effectively showcases the delicious ice creams. The practical design of the jars now offers the potential for them to be reused for many different purposes, further increasing their appeal among consumers.

    Currently two flavours – Cream Nut and Chocolate and Mamusia (Mummy’s) Cheesecake – have been launched in the 450ml jars as part of Bracia Koral’s new ‘Flavours of Childhood’ range.

    “We selected the jars from RPC PET Power because they best meet our needs, and because the company provides excellent sales service,” comments Piotr Gasiorowski, Koral’s Sales and Marketing Director.

    “We don’t want our empty packs to go immediately in the waste bin but instead offer a useful second life as a household, workshop or toy container. We have also launched a competition to highlight this potential.”

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    PET Power's sustainable PET program

    Among packaging materials, PET excels when it comes to sustainability. It can be completely recycled, it is light, compact and almost unbreakable. When you take into account the weight, the consumption of energy and the emission of CO2, it is far better then the next available alternative. PET packaging increases the shelf life of its contents, thus reducing wastage and benefiting the environment as a result. PET Power regards sustainability as a matter of social responsibility and has embedded sustainability into its core business and values.

    PET Power expands Conical family to include 500ml model

    PET Power has increased its popular Conical range of bottles to include a larger size. The family has formed part of PET Power's standard range for over five years and now also includes a 500ml version, in addition to the 150ml, 200ml and 250ml original sizes. The name of the family speaks for itself. The conical shape ensures that the base has a relatively large surface area. The model gradually tapers off towards the neck, which gives the bottle an attractive stately look and ensures that it stands out strikingly on the shelf.

    PET Power describe the current packaging trends

    The packaging market is an innovative place which is constantly in motion, and not entirely without reason, as the right packaging is crucial for the success of any product. The four standard functions of packaging (protection of the product, keeping products together, providing information and serving as a means of advertising) will perhaps always remain unchanged. Nonetheless, it is certainly possible to identify trends within the packaging market.

    Sleek and simple lines make the 1-litre Oblong stand out

    PET Power has expanded its wide range of 1-litre bottles to include a new model. The sleek new bottle is called the Oblong Oval 1000ml. The PET bottle is characterized by its sleek yet simple lines. In combination with the volume, this bottle is impossible to ignore. At almost 30cm high and measuring 10cm across the front, it really stands out on the shelf. The bottle is produced with the common 28SP410 neck finish, making it easy to combine with many standard closures or pumps.

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