This container is a medium size range offering volumes from 780 ml to 1,530 ml. It’s a perfect fit and economical solution for many food products like salads, dairy products and seafood.

RingSafe® withstands hot filling up to 90° C.

Fantastic looks and feel
RingSafe® makes your products look fantastic on the shelves with its high quality decoration features. The round shape fits some products, the rectangular others. All containers in the range have easy-to-open, snap-on lids and basic tamper evidence is standard for most sizes.

RingSafe® is 100% liquid tight obviating membrane seals. It is a mono-material solution making it easily recyclable.

Looking for something smaller? 
If you’re looking for even smaller sizes or need a container for blast-freezing, you may want to take a look at our RingLock® line which belongs to the same family as RingSafe®.


Key benefits

  • 100% liquid tight seal
  • Withstands hot filling up to 90° C
  • Basic tamper evidence for most sizes
  • Easy-to-open, snap-on lid
  • Same lid fits several volumes
  • Mono-material construction for easy recycling
  • Optional handles
  • Optional membrane lid for round shapes

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