Every detail counts when you want to make the most of warehousing and transportation. The shape of your packaging is one of them. Have you realised that you can make a more square units fit in a confined space compared to round packaging units?

SuperCube® reduces warehousing space consumption and consequently logistical costs in a smart and easy way. Your customers will enjoy the easy to open peel-off lid and the convenient carrying. Choose a steel handle with a plastic roller grip or a pure plastic solution.

The shape will make your product stand out of the crowd if you market is dominated by round containers.

Large decoration area
The shape of SuperCube® also gives you the possibility to display your brand on a large, uninterrupted decoration area by means of In-Mould-Labelling. The square packaging is available in a broad range of sizes; rectangular or square. This gives you the option to create a family image through your packaging solution: Your variety of products become easily recognisable through great brand display on SuperCube®.

Key benefits

  • Large display surface
  • Space efficient shape
  • Broad product range and many sizes
  • Available in standard and customised versions
  • Easy to open peel-off lid for user-friendliness
  • FlakeFree® option on certain lids to prevent dry paint flakes from falling into the paint
  • Insert options

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