The SuperLight™ range encompasses a wide range of options to match your packaging needs: a wealth of sizes and several diameters, lids and materials (PP and PS) are available for your dairy product. For all varieties, you can select membrane sealing and UV-light barrier. Make your choice between a cup with a slightly rounded bottom and a cup with sharper one.

Lids to your liking
You have a variety of colour options when choosing the lid, including transparent ones. The regular PET lid is available with offset print; it may be pre-printed and/or with stickers. For the regular lid in PP, decorations can be made with In-Mould Labelling. Why not choose the optional on-the-go lid with cutlery or even a compartment for topping, be it crunchy or liquid? These on-the-go solutions have lids that come with a peelable label.

Shrink sleeves, IML or offset
Pending on the material, you can have your cup decorated with shrink sleeves, In-Mould Labelling or offset. All three decoration methods lead to excellent results and will make your product look fantastic on shelf.

A sustainable choice 
In terms of production, the SuperLight™ range limits the amount of raw material and the manufacturing method is environmentally responsible. Its light weight reduces the energy consumption during transportation, making SuperLight™ a particularly sustainable packaging solution.

Key benefits:

  • Ultra-light material with impressive strength
  • Reduced carbon footprint
  • Many types of lids
  • Optional add-ons in on-the-go lid: cutlery and/or crunch
  • Membrane sealing
  • Decoration of curvy shapes
  • Decoration with IML, off-set and shrink sleeves

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