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    Non-Carbon Black Masterbatch Increases Recycling Capabilities with Superfos

    The new black is non-carbon black! When made from a non-carbon black masterbatch, your used plastic packaging can be detected during the waste sorting process and used for recycling. Superfos, a Berry Global company, now offers you packs made with non-carbon black masterbatch.

    As a trusted plastic packaging provider, Superfos is pleased to announce that you can now order a more sustainable version of black plastic packaging for your food or non-food products. When you opt for a non-carbon black packaging solution, the used packaging is detectable by the Near Infra-Red (NIR) scanners used in waste sorting processes. This means that it will be sorted for recycling purposes.

    The new masterbatch is a significant improvement on conventional carbon-black plastic which, in many cases, cannot be detected in the waste sorting process and generally ends up as a source of energy through incineration.

    Your pack can be black and recyclable

    Now, if you want to contribute to the circular economy, you have better choices. If you are looking for recyclable plastic packaging solutions, you can either choose lighter colours or, if you want to stick to black, then select the carbon free black masterbatch.  

    The non-carbon black plastic masterbatch is suitable for opaque packs in both polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP) products. Superfos continues to work with its masterbatch supplier to ensure that the black colour meets stringent requirements.

    Flemming Madsen, Factory Manager at Superfos Wetteren, Belgium, and part of the team behind the development, is delighted to present this new option:

    “Superfos uses a high-quality non-carbon black masterbatch which contains special pigments to improve detection and sorting by NIR technology. This is ideal to improve the recycling and recovery of black plastics. Opting for non-carbon black helps to reduce the amount of plastic in the waste stream.”

    Request a sample today

    The non-carbon black plastic masterbatch is suitable for opaque products, although, the degree of opacity is slightly less than the standard black masterbatch. Together with our masterbatch supplier, we constantly make sure that the colour black meets stringent requirements. You may use the carbon free black for packaging solutions made of either polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP).

    If you would like to see and feel the new detectable black plastic material, please do not hesitate to request a sample by contacting your local Berry Superfos sales office.

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