BlueSky are UK-based rigid packaging experts focused on empowering sustainability, enhancing brands, and ensuring supply.

BlueSky are UK-based rigid packaging experts focused on empowering sustainability, enhancing brands, and ensuring supply. 

We provide:

1. Expert packaging consultancy
2. Sustainable solutions
3. Secure supply chain
4. Product range depth
5. Agility and speed
6. Exceptional customer service

Sustainability – At BlueSky, we share your sustainability challenges and understand the opportunities they can bring. We leverage three core principles, to ensure you receive the highest quality products and services:

  1. Act responsibly
  2. Challenge continuously
  3. Think sustainably

Packaging - We offer an unrivalled range of PET, PE and aluminium bottles, jars and tins, all available from stock. In combination with our extensive range of dispensing caps and closures, including lotion pumps and pump sprays, it enables us to offer unlimited packaging combinations.

— We offer packaging options to meet the growing demand for recycled content across all PET and Aluminium bottle products.

BlueSky benefits:

Create Impact & Grow Sales

Embrace creativity and innovation in your packaging and leave a lasting impression on your customers. We help brand owners select the optimum packaging for their products, increasing shelf appeal. 

Reduce Cost & Save Tax

Navigate the Plastic Packaging Tax landscape with our sustainable alternatives, minimising your tax liabilities. Request a free of charge BlueSky packaging audit designed to achieve cost reductions.

Improve Working Capital

Free up your working capital tied up in stock. Our readily available inventory ensures a smart allocation of resources and our call off order agreements allow you to place ‘call-off’ orders to reserve stock, which is only invoiced as and when you draw it down. 

Increase Storage Space

Use our vast stock to reduce the need for stock on site. Our next day deliveries nationwide allow you to count on just in time (JIT) service and use precious warehousing or manufacturing space for growth.

Stay at the Front!

With BlueSky providing regular bulletins on developments in packaging, legislation and market trends, you will be informed and equipped with the intel needed to stay ahead when it comes to the packaging used in your market.