HK provides "Made in Germany" package engineering: airless systems, the new Bombola cap, eyeshadow trays, and more

HK Cosmetic Packaging is internationally recognized for a number of reasons. One of our distinguishing features is our high level of technical expertise. Our engineering is always efficient and precise. This is evidenced in a number of our packaging lines.

The airless containers we offer in cooperation with a another German firm, for example, prevent product formulations from unnecessary exposure to air. This is a key selling point in the cosmetic space. Consumers prefer to use products that stay fresh and clean for as long as possible. These unique airless designs and “Made in Germany” engineering guarantee the best possible dispensing without the product becoming tainted. Consumers enjoy a perfect product experience from first use through last. This greatly increases the possibilities of a repeat purchase.

The high quality found in our airless lines is the hallmark of HK's product offering, including the new Bombola cap. The closure offers a special twisting mechanism for cap opening/closing that is smooth, easy to use, and preferred by consumers. It offers excellent and consistent dispensing. The closure is a great choice for travelling consumers as it is leak-proof. Bombola comes in a wide array of standard and custom colours and can be paired with numerous decoration options. 

The colour cosmetic lines offered by HK also provide precise engineering. Our eyeshadow packaging may seem simple enough but when compared with similar solutions in the space, our packaging is clearly superior. Our palettes open and close fluidly, are resistant to jolts and jarring, provide the right space for godets and applicators, and can be decorated in many ways to create a unique and eye-catching presentation.

No matter what sort of packaging your brand requires, HK Cosmetic Packaging ensures a flawless consumer experience!


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