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CKS is committed to keeping its impact as low as possible

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CKS Packaging acknowledges the effects to the environment that businesses in its industry have. In order to minimize waste the company captures and recycles excess resin at its manufacturing plants.

However, it knows the market needs to push forward. That's why CKS is continuing to create innovative approaches to packaging including PCR and educating itself on Bio-Based resins and Biodegradable materials. This reduces the company's waste in landfills and encourages the use of renewable sources, creating environmentally friendly packaging. Its offices are striving to use earth friendly items and recycling when possible. In addition, it is in the process of integrating a new electronic system to reduce the energy and waste of printed materials.

Additional measures that CKS is taking to reduce its carbon footprint include:

  • Purchasing several hundred thousand pounds of Post Consumer Regrind (PCR) each year and making containers out of it.
  • Maintaining three on-site operations that reduce fuel emissions from use of tractors and puts its product in the customers’ locations.
  • Moving stock molds and customer molds closer to its customers to cut down on emissions and lower shipping fuel costs.
  • Upgrading electric motors and upgrading warehouse lighting to increase energy efficiency.
  • Rebuilding old equipment instead of scrapping and sending it to landfills.

The company's social and environmental commitments are to conserve resources when possible to ensure the availability of them for the future and to give back to its community and the communities of its customers.

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