Copco enters the colour cosmetic market with a splendid lip gloss bottle series


After years of expertise focusing on skin care, Copco, a reliable cosmetic packaging supplier from China, has extended its reach in the beauty market, to expand into make-up. The company has chosen a series of lip gloss bottles its first pioneering step into the market, not only for their charming nature, but also the special qualities they offer.

All the bottles are made of AS material, benefitting them outstanding clarity and splendid luster (as per the pictures shown). Copco's lip gloss bottles can also be in different shapes. As well as the traditional cylindrical and square lip gloss bottles, curvilinear options are also available.

In addition to plain bottles, Copco also offers styles with a check or diamond pattern on, as well as shiny stones inlaid on top of the cap to give it a decorative finish.

Decoration options such as UV plating, color coating and color injection for the shoulder of bottle and cap are available too.

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