COPCO waterproof foaming bottle 300ml

300ml PET foaming bottle (Bottle: #110154 / Foam pump: #460003 / Neck size: 40/410), bottle and pump can be made into customized colors and tailored printing decoration..

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COPCOs PET bottles for toner & lotion

COPCO's PET bottles for toner & lotion

COPCO releases a new collection of PET bottles that are specially designed for toner & lotion. 180ml bottle for toner, orifice diameter of the insert is small which is 3mm, to control the output of liquidy toner. 125ml for lotion, orifice of the insert is bigger, so that consumer can get the product easier. The lotion bottle introduces a new insert in structure which has a lip to lead the product out in a nice and neat way, without contaminating the insert and bottle neck. In this way, it's also suitable for oil products.

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