Foam pump model in 3 different neck sizes

COPCO has launched a collection of foaming bottles featuring a foam pump style available in 3 different neck sizes, for companies building a line of foaming products. Companies are able to choose from bottles measuring 30 mm, 40 mm, and 43 mm in neck size, and dosage ranges from 0.4cc - 0.8cc. Adding further appeal to their product, companies are also granted the opportunity to add injection molding colours to the pump, bottle, and cap, and decoration options are plentiful; both a sophisticated matte finish and an attractive glossy metallized colour are available. 

  • Available neck sizes: 30/410, 40/410, 43/410
  • Dosage separately: 0.4cc, 0.8cc, 0.8cc
  • Color: Injection molding colors are feasible for pump / bottle / cap
  • Decoration options: Printing / matte finish on bottle, metallized color on closure, silver / gold band around the rim of cap, matte finish on cap

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110131-80ml/110301-130ml/110070-300ml PET Bottle

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