Small capacity airless bottle for travel or sample packs

  • COPCO Packaging

The airless pack plays an important role in the beauty industry for its protection and aesthetic design. Copco is launching a new series of airless bottles featuring small sizes, which are ideal for travel items or as sample pack for high-end lines.

This airless bottle series contains 4 sizes: 5ml, 8ml, 10ml and 15ml. All of the bottles benefit a slender cylindrical shape with diameter of 19mm. The bottles are easily portable and also comfortable to use, fitting easily in the hand.

Copco offers many decorations to change the color by injection, add a metalized collar, or a matte spray on surface, all of which can give you totally different looks and finishes to fit your products.

Furthermore, Copco also offers 3 different styles of actuator to choose between; a flat one, a slanted one, and a tall one.

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