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COPCO adds new technologies for cutting edge production

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COPCO is a professional package supplier in the skincare and personal care sectors, and it is the company's mission to provide the best packaging solutions for clients based on upon that company's specific needs.  As a company, we are constantly growing and strive to continuously improve in all aspects of our business from internal management, quality control and production technologies, to the regular introduction of new designs into the market according to current, new and dawning beauty trends.

Enhancing the company's production technologies has been a prominent focus for COPCO during the past year and as a result the company has introduced a number of cutting edge production and decoration techniques to strengthen its position in the market and offer even better packaging solutions to customers.

Take a look at some of the new technologies which COPCO has incorporated.

Acrylic bottles in perfect square shape

With improved tooling technology and extremely strict production controls, COPCO has successfully overcome a notorious obstacle among all plastic producers – shrink marks and molding lines. Shrink marks are generated by uneven mould shrinkage, and mostly appear at thick sections or at the end of the flow path.

COPCO no longer sees shrinkage in the surface centre of square acrylic bottles, and it has also made the annoying molding line -which exists on every plastic item- disappear.

COPCO's acrylic bottles benefit a perect square shape, eliminating flaws such as a sunken surface, or dots and lines, which have been tolerated for so long. Furthermore, the bottles also have an unbelievably perfect right-angle!

New roll-on tube with locking mechanism

COPCO's new roll-on tube has had a locking mechanism added under the roll-on applicator. The principal benefit of this is that it keeps the product inside intact, and protects the efficacy of sensitive / precious formulations.

The roll-on applicator massages the skin to boost product absorption, and is available in a choice of two materials; cool stainless steel or plastic which can be colored freely.

Metallization with water droplet decoration

Metallization with water droplet decoration is a new decoration option that was introduced into the market this year. The water drops upon the shiny metalized surface create a natural and clean feeling, which is perfectly suitable for facial cleansers as it enhances the visual communication of the cleanser to the consumer.

At COPCO, we believe that our work offers greater value through our offer of a better package solution. Feel free to send us an enquiry when planning your next project!

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  • Modified 21 Aug 2018
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