The soft, gentle mist that enhances the user experience

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Over the years in the beauty industry, we’ve been frustrated and anguished that there isn’t a good sprayer for facial mist products as those currently on the market are either too harsh on the face or too strong and wet the whole head and shoulders. Today the situation has finally changed as COPCO announces the ideal facial mist sprayer.

This sprayer generates great fine mist which gently caresses the face like a soft breeze brushing by, thus optimizing the user experience of the product. Benefiting a low dosage of 0.13ml and restricted spray angle, the mist will always fall nicely and cleanly on the face.

In the slow-motion video, watch the fine particle size dispersion, the restricted spray angle, and how light the droplets are when blown into the air.

With such a great mist capability, COPCO strongly recommends it for high-end skincare lines. Available in a 20/410 neck size, it would look great with the heavy-wall PET bottles, in which COPCO recently introduced dual-color technology.

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