An innovative dropper bottle for millennials

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The Millennials / Gen Z have become a major target group for the market today. As a large segment, they are distinct from more mature groups, by the way they think and what they like. They are more willing to open their wallets for innovation, uniqueness and new experiences. Beauty brands and packaging suppliers are responding by creating new products / packaging to interact with them. This innovative dropper bottle is a product designed with Millenials in mind.

Discarding the conventional dropper bottle which is heavy and cliché, this package innovates the way to realize the application, offering consumers a new experience which is actually more convenient, without the pipette design.

The bottle is made of PETG which is light and durable, not easy to break, in contrast to conventional dropper bottles made of glass.

After every innovation in structure, application and material, this bottle embodies in a simple cylinder shape, which looks good and is totally portable. You can put it into your purse and it's ready to go.

Available in a 20ml in size, both bottle and cap are produced in a molded matte finish which looks low-profile but delicate. It's an excellent option for skincare products such as serum, essence and popular beauty concentrates like pure HA etc.

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