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Anguished by the problems plastic wastes bring to our environment, COPCO has been actively exploring various ways to make plastic packages green, from biological plastic, degradable resins to PCR.

PCR is short for “post-consumer recycled”, which is a family of resins made from recycled plastic bottles. By applying PCR instead of virgin resins, we reduce the depletion of new fossil fuels, and the quantity of plastic waste on earth, which helps to create a greener environment.

With years of experience, we have established a family of PCR components, including rPET and rHDPE. Both are ready for production and available with up to 100% PCR content. All our current PET/HDPE bottles/jars can be made with PCR, using the same machines and molds.

Furthermore, a sustainable PE tube made of degradable bio-resin is on the way.

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