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COPCO has proudly launched a collection of bottles that are ideal for hand wash and sanitizer products.

In the last decade, COPCO has been devoted to the skincare and personal care sectors, winning customers’ appreciation and respect through the quality of its goods and high level of customer service, - always prompt to react and offer effective answers.

Now, this collection of sanitizer bottles carries the same ethos at its core, of good quality and a nice design, together with COPCO’s good service.

Due to the fact that sanitizer requires faster operations, at COPCO, we’ve invested in production lines to make fast delivery possible. With an average daily capacity of 100,000 pcs, shipping in 2 weeks is no longer a dream. Here’s a peek into our workshop;

The bottles are made of PET, with sizes from 30ml to 500ml available. Multiple options of closures are provided including lotion pumps, mist sprayers and flip caps, to suit different formula types.

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