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Hit by rising costs from both raw materials and labor, the price of glass packaging has increased significantly. Under this guise, we’d like to introduce this COPCO Packaging collection of affordable plastic jars as a replacement.

Both the jars and caps are made of PP material which is recyclable. And the jars are manufactured with a highly durable double-wall structure.

The whole line is presented in a classic round shape with straight walls. Sizes available are from 10g up to 275g, making the jars suitable for items such as samples, eye gel, facial moisturizer, body butter and masks.

All kinds of decorations are available from COPCO, from coloring, printing and labeling to a matte finish for an eye-catching look.

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Jar specifications

Reference Capacity Diameter Total Height
With Cap
Weight Material
0201329 4ml 25.31mm 16.64mm 4.5g PS
0201110 10ml 40.3mm 22.6mm 10.6g PP
0201119 25ml 52.3mm 29mm 19.9g PP
0201109 50ml 62.7mm 34mm 21.5g PP
0201274 105ml 71.6mm 44.3mm 39.7g PP
0201275 200ml 92mm 51.3mm 46g PP
0201481 275ml 91.6mm 53.3m 44g PP

The jars are supplied with a lid and liner. No inner lid.

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