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As the epidemic has eased, the market has gradually warmed up. Brands are actively giving out more free samples, which have been proved to be a helpful way to bring back more customers and boost sales.

Seeing this demand —and the fact that most sample packages are in basic forms which are far from attractive and inviting—, COPCO is introducing a different type into the market which looks exquisite and is of premium quality, making them a great choice for high-end lines by distinguishing the products through their delicate-looking style.

As a further benefit, COPCO also offers its sample packages for premium skincare products in PCR-PET, as well as PET, to provide an eco-friendly option.

Key features of COPCO's sample packages

Material: PET, also available in PCR-PET as an eco-friendly option
Volumes: 5ml, 6ml 8ml, 10ml
Shapes: Cylindrical, Boston Round, Square
Closures: Dropper or screw cap
Colors: Any color available
Decoration: Available upon request

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