30ml slender PET bottle for cosmetics

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Two of the key points a packaging manager pays most attention to when reviewing a component are function and appearance - to make sure the packaging works well with the product, and also stands out on the shelf. Today we are going to introduce you to one of COPCO’s new items, which would satisfy them greatly!

The new product is a 30ml pump bottle with an elegant slender shape, which looks definitely exquisite and premium. To achieve such a slim shape with a proper heft, COPCO has used a special PET resin to realize this perfect effect.

The pump is also a newly developed product. It features a silicone-free piston, which offers it great compatibility even with water-in-oil formulas. It works great with serums, liquid foundations and SPF products, with an external spring and 0.2ml dosage.

Furthermore, COPCO can help you customize the package in various finishes through color injection, spray paint and metallization techniques.

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