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Boston Rounds are ideal in any setting - even at the beach!

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There's something special about the Boston Round bottle style and COPCO Packaging knows that only too well. The bottle lends itself to so many applications. With its tall, straight sides that blend into perfectly curved shoulders, the bottle is always a winner.

COPCO's selection of Boston Rounds is taking centre stage on the company's online 3D stand as part of Webpackaging LIVE, along with a delightful selection of other plastic bottle options from the company's repertoire.

Visit COPCO's online 3D stand

One of the key benefits to Boston Round bottles is their versatility. They look great both on the shelf and in the home on the bathroom counter, whether used for hair care formulations, liquid soaps or body milk, for example.

A selection of COPCO's bottle packaging options, including Boston Rounds, can be viewed in full 3D as part of the company's online exhibition stand which has been designed so that the viewer can explore some of the company's top packaging options with just the click of a mouse.

COPCO's bottles are set against a serene backdrop of blue skies and crystalline waters, allowing the viewer to take in the full characteristics of each item of packaging back, side and front in full 3D, in this relaxed setting. 

Take a moment to relax and view COPCO Packaging's online 3D stand.

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