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While white and black are classic bulb dropper color options, we now have customized colors to offer, giving brands more freedom to express themselves. You can simply provide us with a color sample or the Pantone number, and at COPCO we’ll make the droppers in the color you desire!

Our bulbs are provided in 2 kinds of materials; silicone and NBR. In addition to color, the silicone choice can be produced with either a glossy or matte finish, while the NBR is available in matte.

A wide array of neck sizes is available for the droppers, extending from 13mm through to 24mm.

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COPCO's colored cosmetic droppers

  • Bulb: silicone or NBR
    • Silicone - matte, glossy, any color
    • NBR - matte, any color
  • Collar: PP
  • Pipette: Glass or plastic

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