COPCO’s hexagonal PET jar with spatula

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COPCO has developed a collection of Hexagonal PET Jars, which will make your products stand out on the shelf from the more typical packaging shapes usually seen. The jar consists of a double-wall base, a PP cap and an inner lid which features a spatula for easy product application.

The outer jar is made of PET, with diverse decoration options available, whilst the inner jar is made of PP ensuring great compatibility with various skincare formulations. The best part of the design is that the spatula can be fixed to the inner lid - a considerate feature for an enhanced user experience.

The hexagonal jars are available in 120ml and 200ml capacities, which are ideal for cleansing cream, facial scrub, body butter and more.

Hexagonal jar specifications:

  • Capacity: 120ml or 200ml
    • Dimensions 120ml: D83mm x H59mm
    • Dimensions 200ml: D96.6mm x 70.8mm
  • Material outer jar: PET
  • Material inner lid: LDPE
  • Material inner jar, cap, spatula: PP
  • Pack comprises jar, screw cap, inner lid & spatula

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