Go green with COPCO’s PCR packaging

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After years of development, COPCO is capable of supplying PCR packaging in full sets with the utmost PCR content percentage.

All parts PCR

In addition to bottles and jars, we have dedicated resources to develop molds for PCR closures in order to maximize the eco-friendly materials in our packages. Simultaneously we are able to provide many of our lotion pumps and mist sprayers made from PCR.

Percentage up to 100%

At COPCO, we have the expertise to produce the PCR parts in percentages up to a full 100% according to clients’ requirements, when the quantity standard can be achieved.

Take a look at the corresponding pictures as examples of our PCR products.

  • All parts of the bottle are made from PCR, including the 2-piece cap and the reducer.
  • With the exception of the foam liner which is recyclable, all other parts of the jar including the base, lid and inner lid are made with PCR material.

Please talk to our team about the packaging you are looking for and we can advise you on the best options to realize your vision. Let’s work together to make green packaging solutions.

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