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After years of production and study of heavy-wall PET packaging, COPCO has become an expert in this niche, and satisfied customers’ demands for premium packs with its extensive product range.

Features of our heavy-wall PET

  1. Transparency: We use high transparency material to produce the bottles, to display and elevate the beauty of the package and the product.

  2. Shape: Other than round shape, we have the technology to make perfect square shape also, with exquisite corners, straight edges and flat sides. No matter what shapes, all bottles are in an upscale look.

  3. Extensive choices: In addition to the 3 bottles in the pictures, we have plenty of other models / sizes from 25ml to 200ml. Jars are also available from 25g to 50g.

  4. PCR: PCR is workable for some of the models. If you are interested, please contact with our sales representatives to check if the model you like is available in PCR.

These heavy-wall PET bottles are offered with a choice of 3 different closures and can also be provided with an orifice reducer.

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Product code Capacity Neck size Weight Dimensions (mm)
0102346 30ml 20/410 37g L&W33.61 x H74.63
0102206 50ml 20/410 40g D41.85 x 78.92
0102256 30ml 20/410 36g D39 x H68.12

— details of pictured bottles. To see other specifications, explore our packaging catalog, or simply contact us.

Discover our exquisite square bottles and watch this video to see heavy-wall PET bottles in production!

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