Innovative squeezy foam bottle: Easy to use & easy to recycle

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COPCO is launching an innovative foaming bottle. The new bottle offers excellent functionality, whereby instead of pressing the pump, foam is produced by squeezing the body. This allows single-handed operation and releases the other hand to wash or wipe at the same time. It’s especially helpful in scenarios such as bathing a baby or a pet, as well as suitable for hair care processes in salons and at home.

As a further benefit, this package is also easy to recycle.

Pumps are always a headache for recycling facilities because of the metal spring. This foamer contains NO metal spring, just plastic and a glass ball, which can easily be separated from the plastic after the pump is cut open - making it a great choice if you are looking for a recyclable foaming package!

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Foam bottle specifications

  • Ref: 0208E-150
  • Capacity: 150ml
  • Bottle material: PP
  • Sustainable: Recyclable

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