COPCO's airless bottle for high-end lines

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Airless packaging plays an important role in the cosmetic market because it makes sure the precious ingredients of a product are well preserved and shelf life is prolonged.

Copco Airless Bottle

To fit the market requirements, COPCO has developed a series of new airless bottles, which feature a twist-and-open protection cover over the nozzle which is also easy to use.

Available sizes are 15ml, 30ml and 50ml, all in a slender cylindrical shape and comfortable to hold, with a standard discharge rate of 0.23ml.

Furthermore, decoration options are plentiful, from molded colors or silk-screen printing to hot-stamping printing, matte spray, or metallization.

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Airless bottle specifications

Capacity 15ml 30ml 50ml
Diameter 36.8mm 36.8mm 36.8mm
Height 108.8mm 136.3mm 175.8mm
Discharge rate 0.23±0.03ml/T
Material Outer bottle & cover: AS.  Inner bottle & actuator & shoulder: PP.  Collar: ABS.


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