COPCO’s PET lotion bottle with decorative shoulder

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While ornate acrylic packaging is stepping back from the center stage of beauty industry due to the material’s regretable non-recyclable nature, the market still maintains its loyal love for the splendid decoration elegance which it offers.

To fill the market space, COPCO has designed a PET lotion bottle with a decorative shoulder similar to acrylic lotion bottles, enabling the component to be more capable in its decoration options.

The 125ml bottle comes with a lotion pump and a flushed cap. The decorative shoulder could be adorned in multiple ways, from a different injection color than the bottle body, to metalized and matte finishes, adding more subtle layers to the beauty of the package and the product.

In addition to the 125ml bottle with its weight of 50g, we have 2 other preforms with lighter weights which could hold more content in the exact same bottle dimensions,

  • #1: Preform 38g, 135ml
  • #2: Preform 25g, 150ml

Contact us now to know more about this new design.


  • Reference: 0102294
  • Diameter: 45mm
  • Total height (with cap) 167mm

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